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Cost Savings Through Innovation

How Our Design and Manufacturing Expertise Delighted a Customer

We are always striving to find ways to help our customers save costs and improve their bottom line. When one of our customers approached us for help in value engineering cost out of one of their existing products, we eagerly jumped in to provide a solution.

Our team of experts carefully analyzed the customer’s requirements for ambient light pinspot products and proposed a standardized design concept which allowed Rebo to leverage our manufacturing expertise to provide a fully-automated, streamlined solution that significantly lowered their previous cost per unit.

After thorough evaluation and testing, we presented our solution to the customer. They were delighted with the concept and recognized the potential for substantial cost savings. As a result, they decided to transfer the business to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sparta, Tennessee.

After award, our team worked diligently to implement the solution, collaborating closely with the OEM and Tier 1 customers to ensure a smooth transition of supply from previous supplier to Rebo.

The customer was thrilled with the results. They praised our team for our innovative approach, manufacturing expertise, and commitment to delivering value.  The successful partnership on this project not only helped the customer achieve their cost-saving goals, but also improved quality and ultimately strengthened our relationship as a trusted partner.

We are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions and leveraging our expertise to drive success for our customers. We are proud to have helped our customers achieve their VAVE objectives and deliver cost savings that will benefit their business for the long term. If you’re looking for a partner who can help you optimize your manufacturing processes and achieve cost savings, look no further than our team at Rebo. We’re here to help you succeed.

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